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Amnesty International supports the Black Class Action’s pursuit of justice for Black employees

Today, we are excited to announce that Amnesty International has publicly declared its support for the BCA in pressing the government to implement long-term changes that address anti-Black racism and discrimination in the federal public service.

Amnesty International is a movement of over 7 million people that is protecting and promoting human rights in 150 countries around the world. They’ve made an incredible global impact through their work advocating against human rights abuses, influencing legislation and policy, and working to improve justice through impartial investigations and fair trials.

They join us in advocating for the implementation of real solutions to address systemic racism and discrimination including:

1. Creating a fund to compensate Black employees for the psychological and emotional harms experienced as a result of workplace discrimination;

2. Establishing a Black Equity Commission to investigate systemic barriers and create a forward-looking framework for Black employees to be heard;

3. Designating a specific category for Black employees under the Employment Equity Act; and

4. Creating access to culturally sensitive, trauma-informed counselling and mental health supports for current and former Black employees.

Our joint news release with Amnesty International Canada can be found here.

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